Debugging Diversity in Australia’s Infosec Community with 0xCC’s Alannah Guo
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Let’s be honest, the cybersecurity community is still predominantly male. As of March 13, 2019, Cybersecurity Ventures states that women will represent 20 percent of the workforce globally in 2019, still an under represented group. The 2018 McAfee Cybersecurity Talent Study stated that Australia’s cybersecurity workforce is 25 percent female. But how can we get this number closer to 50? What gender biases and double standards lie in the way of that goal? Someone tackling this issue is Alannah Guo (@alannahguo), the founder of 0xCC, Australia’s first women-only cybersecurity training conference. On this episode, we talk about her experience creating 0xCC, the importance of women-only conferences, her adventure of meeting the happiest animal on the planet.