A powerful yet simple podcast player for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Smart Speed®

Pick up extra speed without distortion with Smart Speed, which dynamically shortens silences in talk shows.

Conversations still sound so natural that you’ll forget it’s on — until you see how much extra time you’ve saved.

Voice Boost®

Boost and normalize volume so every show is loud, clear, and at the same volume.

Listen in more places, such as noisy cars, and still hear what everyone says without cranking the volume so high for quiet people that the loud ones blow your ears out.

Smarter Playlists

Create show priorities, filters, and sorting rules, or keep it simple with one big list.

You can reorder the list whenever you want, and new episodes are inserted intelligently.

More Discovery

Find new shows from your Twitter friends and spread the word about great shows by recommending the best episodes, all without posting anything. No spam or tricks: just spreading good shows.


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