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Overcast ads help you grow your podcast’s audience by reaching passionate podcast listeners on their terms, natively, right in their podcast app.

Your ads appear below the controls on the Now Playing screen and in the Add Podcast directory, reaching potential new listeners as they search for new podcasts. Tapping brings up a native UI with all of your episodes, inviting listeners to subscribe with a single tap.

Ads run for 30 days from the date of purchase. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Purchasing an ad signifies your acceptance of the Terms of Sale below.

Targeted Podcast Category Price Slots Available Estimated Performance*
Taps Subscriptions
All $1,575 3 7,000–10,000 400–550
Society & Culture $650 1 4,000–6,500 250–300
Business $600 Sold out
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2,500–3,500 150–150
Comedy $490 Sold out
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4,000–6,000 250–300
Technology $310 2 2,000–3,000 100–150
Education $260 1 2,000–3,000 100–150
News & Politics $240 Sold out
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3,500–5,500 200–250
Science & Medicine $230 1 2,500–4,000 150–200
TV & Film $200 Sold out
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1,500–2,500 95–150
Arts $190 Sold out
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2,000–3,000 100–150
Games & Hobbies $130 Sold out
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900–1,500 50–65
Religion & Spirituality $110 Sold out
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650–1,000 40–50
Sports & Recreation $80 Sold out
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2,000–3,000 100–150
Health $80 Sold out
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800–1,000 45–60
Music $80 Sold out
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1,000–2,000 70–90
Kids & Family $50 Sold out
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400–650 25–30

Terms of Sale

* The estimated performance metrics above are updated daily from current ad performance, but do not guarantee the performance of your purchased ads. Ad viewership varies over time, and response rates depend on the quality, content, and relevance of your ad.

All sales are final. No refunds.

The price and quantity of ads sold may change at any time.

Prices automatically adjust with demand:

Expirations, availability notifications, and most price changes happen shortly after midnight GMT.

Overcast may edit ad content for technical, layout, or style-conformance purposes, such as resizing images or performing minor copy edits if necessary.

Once you purchase an ad, it must be approved by Overcast before it goes live, which typically occurs within 24 hours. Overcast reserves the right to reject an ad for any reason, such as (but not limited to) billing issues, miscategorization, quality concerns, inappropriate content for a general audience, poor fit for the audience, etc.

If your ad is not accepted, your payment will be refunded if possible, with the refund pro-rated if the ad has already run for a portion of its purchased duration.

Please contact with any questions.