#1. Behind the scenes with Stewart Copeland: Why dumb shit makes me happy
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“If the only reason humans pro-create is Vivaldi, we would all be fucked…” - Stewart Copeland Robert Emery talks to Stewart Copeland, the founder and drummer of the British rock band ‘The Police’. Stewart talks about why he attributes studying ‘Mass Communication & Public Policy’ to becoming one of the worlds most famous drummers, why one of his balls is called Ben Hur, and how he grew up not knowing his Father was a spy. Stewart is an American musician and composer. Apart from his most famous role as a rockstar, over the years he has produced film and video game soundtracks, written music for ballets, operas and orchestras, and in 2003 was inducted into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’. This whistle-stop tour of his life takes us through his nine years in The Police with Sting and Andy Summers, his solo projects as a composer, and his predictions of the status of orchestral and rock music in twenty years.