4 - Brainfood with Zak the Baker
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Today’s episode highlights our Brainfood Speaker Series featuring Zak Stern, CEO & Founder of Zak The Baker. The bakery and cafe offers kosher fresh bread, pastries, and sandwiches located in Wynwood. At 22, Zak wasn’t living the life he wanted. Graduate school. Organic chemistry. Fluorescent lights. Life, he thought, was too short to be spent on the things in which he had no interest. He wanted to go back to basics, to work with his hands. Today, Zak the Baker is a evidence of this simple desire. With a full service bakery and restaurant as well as wholesale distribution to multiple WholeFoods and endless local restaurants, Zak the Baker is undoubtedly a Miami staple. Hear first hand from the man behind the vision and his insights on entrepreneurship, business integrity, and the endless pursuit of your passion. Moderated by Margo Bettencourt, Director of Sales Marketing at Zak the Baker. Margo is committed to getting more good food to more people (and happy to chat about what “good food” means). She has led…