#004 Unethical & Unprofessional Behavior Analysts w/ Merrill Winston
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0:02:08 Topic - Merrill and his background 0:03:35 Topic Change - “Professionalism” and “Ethical Bullying” 0:09:49 Check Out: The disabled children locked up in cages By Chloe Hadjimatheou BBC World Service 0:10:33 Topic Change - Punishment Contingencies and “Pisser-Offer” Contingencies 0:14:20 Topic Change - Ethics and Levels of Right and Wrong 0:17:25 Check Out: Our Episode on Narrative 0:21:20 Topic Change - Rule-Governed Behavior and Automatic Thinking in Professionalism 0:25:50 Topic Change - Doctoral Programs 0:26:36 Topic Change - Addressing Listener’s Questions 0:27:20 Listener Topic - “A Good Look for the Field” 0:30:05 Listener Topic - The Skinner Box Video 0:32:40 Listener Topic - Personal Aversion and Organizational and Cultural Factors 0:43:00 Topic Change - Ethical Guidelines for BCBAs and Other Fields 0:56:30 Check Out: Signs of Damage by Jack Michael 0:59:20 Check Out: Adventures In Special Education: A Practitioner’s Guidebook to Understanding and Treating Problem Behaviors in Schools By…