#003 Narrative in Science & Self-Management
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What to Expect In this episode, RYANO and Dimitri talk about some of their perspectives on how narratives and science mesh, with an ending on some self-management practices. Remember you can call in, ask questions, or provide your own commentary. All you have to do is download the free anchor app and call in: https://anchor.fm/thecontroversialexchange Key Timestamps 0:45 Ryan’s welcome message begins 2:07 Dimitri chimes in for first time 8:42 Introduce Book “Houston We Have a Narrative” by Randy Olsen 13:48 Introduce Logic Book “Beginning Logic” by E. J. Lemon 15:18 Ryan begins to point out examples of narrative to listeners 17:08 Dimitri explains what he thinks Narrative is about 21:48 Ryan explains grad school perception 24:53 Golddiamond Blue Books brief spin-off 34:28 Talk about experience of going to conferences, cost, and networking 39:13 Started talking about research, academia, and entrepeneurship 45:55 Discuss David Goggins (Check out his Book) 52:58 Quantifiedself.com mentioned 57:40 Discussion…