Cory Booker on the spiritual dimension of politics
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Cory Booker is a United States senator from New Jersey, the only vegan in Congress, and the author of the new book “United: Thoughts on Finding Common Ground and Advancing the Common Good”. In this conversation, Ezra and Booker go deep on Booker’s history and unusual approach to politics. Topics covered include:- How Booker’s parents used a sting operation to desegregate a neighborhood, and why they did it- Why Ezra doesn’t eat breakfast- Booker’s disagreements with Ta-Nehisi Coates- How a 10-day fast led to a (temporary) peace with Booker’s worst political enemy- How spirituality informs Booker’s approach to politics- The lessons Booker took from his early losses in with elections and city council fights- What it’s like to be the only vegan in Congress- Why Booker hates penguins- Whether it’s cynical or simply realistic to doubt America’s political institutions- Which books have influenced Booker mostAnd much, much more. Oh, and Ezra gives Booker some advice on productivity apps, drawn from the weird,…