30: ‘iPad Event Special’.
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Yesterday, Apple held a keynote in Brooklyn, where they announced a new MacBook Air, a new Mac Mini, and a new generation of the iPad Pro! We go through the event topic by topic, amalgamating into us all talking about the iPad Pro. I’m joined by three guests where we go all in on the event, and where USB-C can fit in an iPad world now. Dave Nott. Dave on Twitter. Waiting for Review Podcast. Waiting for Review Podcast on Twitter. Chris Lawley. Chris on Twitter. The Untitled Site. The Untitled Site on YouTube. Slab of Glass Podcast. Andy Nicolaides. Andy on Twitter The Dent Site. The Dent Podcast. Support The Outpost Show on Patreon. Join The Outpost Slack Beta. Apple’s Keynote Video. The Verge’s hands-on with the new iPad Pro. MKBHD hands-on with the new iPad Pro. Apple – Introducing the new MacBook Air. Apple – Introducing the new iPad Pro.