3 - Clear!
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It’s Episode 3 of the Podcast and Taylor Redd is back to discuss all the happenings in the MCLA this past week. Jordan and Taylor recap some of the most impactful games from the past week and delve into why teams have been struggling clearing the ball this year (and if you are a coach, what to do about it). Here’s what we cover: 0:44 – The week in review 1:14 – Grand Canyon upsets Concordia 8:15 –Chapman surges in the second half to put away Cal Poly 10:32 - South Carolina beats BYU, BYU beats Arizona 16:00 - Virginia Tech’s California swing. 19:58 - Georgia Tech takes down undefeated Buffalo, Colorado State escapes Northeastern in the last second 20:56 - What did we learn from the week? 21:41 - Why are teams struggling so much to clear effectively? 31:04 - Rank ‘Em - Cal, GT, Liberty 38:44 - How far does Concordia fall? 41:47 - How far should Michigan State fall? Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vvlacrosse/support