08: The Reflection Ritual with Special Guest Ben Messner
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I wanted to reserve our VERY FIRST PODCAST OF 2019 to a dear friend of mine, Ben Messner, who is the Founder of The Reflection Ritual! Ben and I went to college together. We graduated the same year. After we graduated we went on a road trip and towards the very end of that trip ended up backpacking in the Trinity Alps near Redding CA…. It was a magical experience. Some of the best memories I have. Reflection Ritual is a beautifully designed journal created to help people live better stories through intentional reflection and dreaming. Check out my interview with Ben below! This episode is brought to you by The Reflection Ritual! Treat yourself and someone AWESOME with your very own copy of The Reflection Ritual! Use Coupon Code “Isa10” To Receive 10% OFF For A Limited Time ONLY! This podcast is sponsored by Anchor