The Wild World of Podcast Ads
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Squarespace, Mailchimp, Casper, Blue Apron; If you’re a regular podcast listener, then there’s no doubt you’ve heard ads from these companies. Podcasting’s reach has grown exponentially over the past few years, and companies like these are spending millions of dollars to reach listeners whenever, wherever and however they tune in. But is this truly effective? What type of ads work best? And if you’re not a podcast from a big media organization, how can you can get a piece of the pie? This week on Function, we examine the world of podcast advertising. Anil sits down with Francesco Baschieri, president of Voxnest, and talks about some of the trends and technology behind podcast ads. We also hear from New York City podcasting duo Jade + XD of Jade + X.D: The Blackest show about nothing to pull back the curtain on advertising and monetization from an independent media perspective. Show notes and references:VoxnestDynamic Ad Insertion — What it is and Why You Should Be Utilising It (Voxnest)Jade + XD’s Website