Adrian De Berardinis - Breaking Bread - Using Food to Break Down Barriers
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Breaking Bread – Using Food to Break Down Barriers Adrian De Berardinis is a jack of all trades. He’s been a hair dresser and worked in restaurants as a chef. Today, many people know him as The Bear Naked Chef ( As The Bear Naked Chef, Adrian has traveled the world teaching people how to cook on cruises, YouTube ( and on international television. Additionally, Adrian recently completed a stint as a chef for Michelle Obama on her ‘Becoming’ book tour. Adrian is well on his way to becoming a media mogul and we can’t wait to see where he goes next! Make sure to listen to his intriguing Uncensored Visionary: A LGBTQ Podcast episode as we discuss cooking as an art form and community builder, his past lives, conversion therapy and more. Follow Adrian on Instagram ( and visit his official website ( and YouTube page…