How To Start & Keep Conversations Going Ep. 210
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How to talk to women is by far the #1 question that I get asked. Which is why I’ve dedicated a full episode to the topic how to start and keep great conversations going. My guests Damona Hoffman and Adam Wayne are both experts in communication and were kind enough to share some of their exercises, tips and tools that they use to have awesome conversations that not only spark attraction but also create connection. (Even if you are a woman listening to this show, there is a LOT for you to learn) This week we also over analyze and discuss: 1. How to learn to be playful 2. Questions to ask on dates 3. How to make a conversation flow 4. How to impress a woman in the first 30 seconds of talking 5. How to be fun 6. The 3 C’s for creating an attractive online profile And sooooo much more! Guests: Damona Hoffman & Adam Wayne Marni highly recommends this book and thinks it provides great instructions on how to seduce women correctly! To have your question over analyzed send them to [email protected] Become a supporter of…