Ep. 207 How To Select The Right People To Date & Avoid The Crazy’s
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Is the person your dating the right person for you? Do they share your values? Are they a drain on your emotions and energy? Are they a psychopath?? These are important things to know before you get to deep into a relationship and reach the point of no return. That’s why our guest, Heather Havenwood is on our show sharing her would you rather test for figuring out if the person you are dating is right for you. On this episode we also discuss and over analyze: 1. How to read a woman’s body language 2. What do certain body language signals from women really mean? 3. Which would you rather technique and how to use it to select the right people for you 4. What are women in Texas attracted to? 5. How to alter your own body language to be more attractive 6. How to explain to women that you are a MAN 7. How to make a woman open up and explain why she’s upset in manglish Even if you are a woman, you will STILL enjoy this episode . Guest: Heather Havenwood If you have a question you want answer Become a supporter of…