[Ep. 202] Do Women Want To Be Approached
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I’m not going to approach her because she seems busy….If I approach now, it will seem creepy…I can’t approach her at the gym, that’s just wrong…. These are just a few examples of the excuses I hear guys like you use every day to keep them from approaching the women they want. But are these excuses a reality? Is it true that women don’t want be approached? On this weeks episode of Ask Women we talk to 24 year old cutie, Clancy about whether or not women want to be approached AND how to approach women. We also discuss: 1. Is it the man’s responsibility to approach? 2. Do women let men know when they want to be approached? 3. CAN women make the first move? Approach? 4. Quick ways to get confidence and stop being nervous 5. What does it mean when a woman says MAYBE? 6. Are women turned off by men that are femme? 7. How to alter your voice to sound more masculine And sooooo much more! Guest: Clancy from 3 Day Rule http://www.3dayrule.com You can find out more about Marni’s Wing Girl M Become a supporter of this…