[Ep. 180] How To Get Her To Like You For YOU
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This weeks episode of the Ask Women podcast we dive into how to really own who YOU are and project that to women. Now you may think this isn’t a sexy topic, but to women being comfortable in your own skin, no matter what that skin looks like, is super important and attractive. Owning who you are, what you like, what you think and then sharing that with women is what makes for an attractive man. On this show we give you tips and tools to help you tap into your values and what it is that makes you YOU. We also teach you how to share that with others without coming across as braggy and arrogant. We also discuss: 1. How to decide when your differences are TOO different 2. How to be okay with sharing your quirks with people you are dating 3. An introduction to role playing 4. Great resource suggestions to help build confidence 5. How to find new passions and get into new hobbies that make you interesting 6. Deal breakers and mistakes men make when approaching women and how to avoid making t Become a supporter of…