How To Be A Good Storyteller & Charming Conversationalist
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November 22, 2017
Telling stories in a charming way that can keep others engaged and hanging off your every word is a HUGE asset. Not just with women…. with everyone. Being able to charm people with your words is the exact definition of charming and we want you to be charming. We brought in the storytelling and charming conversationalist guru Jeff Bellow to show you how you can easily become a master with your words. Even if you are a woman, you will love this episode. On this episode we also discuss and over analyze: how to talk to all different types of women and adjust your conversation to their style (shy women, aggressive women, strong women)The key to good storytelling and how to easily create a story out of thin airWhat every good story should haveThe common mistakes people make in conversation that have them going blankAnd so much more! Guest: Jeff Bellow More tips and advice on how to attract and get the girl go to Become a supporter of this podcast: