How To Deal With Emotional Women & How To Sexually Escalate Conversation Ep. 211
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We weren’t sure what to title this episode because we covered sooooo many amazing topics with wonderful Adam Gilad. But a big chunk of this show was about how to calm, deal with and address a woman’s emotions so that in the end, she likes you more. Whether it’s a woman you are dating, your wife or even a family member or friend, this episode will tell you exactly what to say to calm any woman down and refrain from getting too emotional. PLUS she will like you more and find you more attractive because of it. GOLD if you ask me :-) We also have the long time listener and all around awesome guy Chuck on the show. Myself and Adam give him actionable advice on how to sexually escalate a conversation with a woman. Whether it’s a woman he meets on the street or a woman he’s dating. Chuck is now armed with great transition statements that will help him easily escalate things to a more sexual level with any woman he wants. We also over analyzed and discussed Exercises that can help you practice Become a supporter of…