How Women Define Sexual Harassment & Assault
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November 17, 2017
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen what is going on in Hollywood right now with Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and other huge players in the entertainment world. We want to be clear that from a female POV what these guys were doing was wrong. They raped, took advantage of and pushed themselves onto unwilling victims for their own power pleasure. We’ve talked to so many wonderful men who are confused by what is going on and unsure of how to move forward. Like you, they are scared out of their minds to approach or make moves on women because they’re afraid of it being considered sexual harassment. On this weeks episode we do our best to explain that very fine line and hope that our direction will help you see the difference between building attraction with a willing party vs. raping them. We also discuss: How to check in with women on their comfort levels without being too overbearing or roboticHow to find your own moral compassHow to avoid being a wimp or a sour puss wi Become a supporter of…