How To Build A Lifestyle Women Will Die To Part Of
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Lifestyle plays a huge factor in dating. What you do on a day to day basis and who you hang out with is a huge part of you. Right now you may be lost in the work grind with no time for yourself. That’s not going to help you meet women or appear interesting if you do meet a great woman. That’s why this week we dive deep into how to build a lifestyle women want to be part of and why it’s so important and sexy to women. On this show we also over analyze and discuss: How an active social life means you’ll never have to cold approach a woman again Baby steps for meeting people and making new friends How to find people to meet and cool things happening in your city What is lifestyle and why it’s so important And so much more! Guest: Greg Greenway For more information from Greg on how to build a killer lifestyle go to: For more tips and advice from Marni go to Become a supporter of this podcast: