How & Where To Meet Good Women Ep. 214
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We’re diving into our Vault of old episodes and bringing back an awesome episode that we originally recorded in 2015 with Tucker Maxx. Or as most people know him “the ultimate A-hole”. Tucker joins us and reveals how he got so successful with women and how he turned his player status around and found the perfect woman for him. He spent quite some time identifying the type of woman he wanted and that helped him narrow down how and where he would meet the right women for him. He explains it much better than me :-) Even if you are a woman you will totally love this episode. We also discussed and overanalyzed: How to be okay with being selfish and focusing on YOU How to “just be you” How to set your dating boundaries How approaching women for sex is different than approaching for a relationship How to express your wants to women How to become a player How to figure out what kind of woman you want How to be unapologetic and honest without being an A-hole Plus so much more! Guests: Holly and Become a supporter of…