Ep. 205 How To Easily Eliminate Approach Anxiety and Shyness
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Approaching a random woman can be pretty freaking scary. That’s why this week we have on a special guest who has developed an approaching anxiety annihilator called the 10 Second Detective. Using this tools helps ease those feelings of nervousness and easily start conversations with women you just meet. On this episode we also discuss and over analyze: 1. How to get others talking 2. How to start becoming more confident and how you can LEARN to be confident 3. How to break why people out of their shell 4. How to tell if someone is shy vs. rude vs. bitchy 5. How to stop being shy 6. How to escalate things with a female friend or co-worker 7. Easy ways to create a romantic atmosphere Even if you are a woman, you will STILL enjoy this episode . Guest: Phil (Listener) If you have a question you want answered on air write into [email protected] and follow us at @askwomenpodcast For more tips and advice from Marni go to www.winggirlmethod.com and follow @winggirlmethod For more from Kr Become a supporter of…