How To Avoid Failure & Change Your Patterns Ep. 218
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September 14, 2017
Are you starting to see a certain pattern popping up in your dating life? For example constantly ending up in the friend zone. Or constantly getting rejected and shot down. Or not getting that second date. Is this pattern causing you great frustration because if it is then this episode is for you. Attraction and male dating expert Scot Mckay joins us to talk about how to break harmful patterns that are hurting your success with women. Even if you are a woman you will love this episode. Scot and the What She Wants team dive deep into the major patterns plaguing men and how to change those patterns so that you can avoid failure. Why you are doing a disservice to women if/when you don’t go for it How to recover from a bad first impression Masculine vs. Feminine energy How to stop being put into the friend zone How to make sure you project masculine energy without upsetting her The “big 4”: Confidence, Female Defined Masculinity, Creating Comfort, Character How to stop feeling ashamed of y Become a supporter of…