How To STOP Being A People Pleaser Ep. 216
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Are you a people pleaser? Worse yet… are you a woman pleaser, and I don’t mean in the bedroom because that is totally acceptable ;-) Constantly aiming to please in dating and relationships is an instant attraction killer both for the women you’re trying to please and YOU. This weeks episode is all about how to own YOU and be proud of who you are and how to stop being a people pleaser. Even if you are a woman, you will LOVE this episode. On this episode we over analyze and discuss: How to figure out who you are and what you like about you How to be proud of who you are and express that to others How to connect to women through your differences How to be ballsy with women without being a jerk How to select people that want what you want How to spot red flags before you get too deep How to respect yourself in dating And so much more! Guest: Mike Photography Become a supporter of this podcast: