How To Playfully Tease and Challenge Women Ep. 212
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The way to any woman’s ummmm heart ;) is through a lot of teasing and challenging. A.K.A flirting. If you are not flirting with women that you are interested in, you are not attracting them. That’s why on this weeks episode we want to dive into how to playfully tease and challenge CORRECTLY so that women will be excited by you and not shove you straight into the friend zone! Tripp from the popular VLOG Tripp Advice joins us to explain why women are so turned on by playful teasing and challenging and also provides examples of how to playfully tease and challenge women. How to get girls hooked on you No No example of teasing Why stating your POV is super sexy Why Marni’s opinion on tipping is RIGHT ;-) How to challenge a woman correctly And much much more! NOTE: Bare with us as we try to master recording for ourselves. The sound is a little off but we’re getting solutions and future episodes will be much better :-) Guest: Tripp from Tripp Advice To learn more about Tripp go to: winggirlm Become a supporter of…