[Ep. 197] Female Expectations and What Women Want
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Today’s show was VERY interesting and I want you to really listen to it because this episode is a great example of real conversations women have about what they expect from men. Kristen and her guest, host of It’s Complicated, Jen Golden discuss what they want in a man and the type of man their hoping to meet. (Even if you are a woman listening to this show, there is a LOT for you to learn) Good or bad. Right or wrong. It’s what they think and believe. Again a great episode to listen to because it will give you great insight into what women want AND what to do to give that to them without altering who you are. This week is also different because just like the conversation this episode is raw with no editing. Our editor is on vacation ;-) On this show they also discuss: 1. First date DO’s 2. Witty first lines that work and don’t work 3. HUGE turn offs you may be doing but are not aware you are doing 4. Online picture critiques 5. Tips for letting someone in and getting close 6. Vulnerab Become a supporter of…