How To Make A Woman Chase You Ep 213
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This weeks episode is very interesting because you get to hear how 2 women talk about guys that they can’t stop thinking about. Even though they say they’re not into these guys… BUT as you’ll hear, they sure do spend a lot of energy complaining and thinking about these guys. Even saying that because of their behavior, it makes them want his attention more. As you’ll learn from this episode, there are little things you can do to get a woman thinking about you, wanting you to ask her out and getting her to chase you. On this episode we also over analyze: Whether or not you can date outside of your league/class How to make a woman think about you A thing that a lot of guys do that can take advantage of How to make your disability attractive And a ton more! Guest: Rachel O’brien To have your question over analyzed send them to [email protected] If you want to get more tips on how to attract, date, seduce, get and KEEP the women you want, go to Become a supporter of this podcast:…