How To Pick Up Models & 10’s
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Kristen and I are no fools. We know we are cute, pretty, maybe even hot by some guys definitions BUT we are no where near model status. Models and the super elite of beauty are in a whole other category when it comes to attraction. That’s why we have Johnny Cassell on today’s episode. Johnny is a dating coach for the rich, famous and elite. He’s on the show to tell us the differences in how to approach and attract beautiful women vs model type women. He also explains how to quickly escalate with any woman and talk about sexual fantasies. It’s a great episode to get the year started! On this episode we over analyze: How to get a woman to open up in 10 minutes or lessWhat to say to women to get them to start talking about their sexual fantasiesHow to make a woman fall in love with youHow to get access to models and 10’sAnd much much more! Guest Johnny Cassel Get your female advice straight from the source, a woman - Become a supporter of this podcast: