(Ep. 176) How & When To Ask A Woman Out
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What is the best time and best way to ask a woman out so that she is guaranteed to say YES??? Adam Gilad joins us in studio to tell us how & when to ask a woman out and how to do it boldly. We also have sex therapist Aimee in studio and together we all discuss: 1. The #1 biggest mistake men make with women that has them losing out on countless opportunities with women 2. Tip and trick for how to quickly get over heart break 3. What NOT to do after you get rejection 4. How to handle rejection with class 5. When is the right moment to ask a woman out And so much more! Check out this weeks episode now. You can find out more about Marni’s Wing Girl Method by going to www.winggirlmethod.com Follow us on Twitter: @winggirlmethod @askwomenpodcast @kristencarney #howtoaskherout #whentoaskherout #datingadviceformen Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/AskWomen/support