[Ep. 182] #1 Dating & Relationship Destroyer
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November 17, 2016
We all know that in the beginning stages of meeting and dating someone, we don’t really let our real selves show. It’s not that you’re hiding anything and neither are women BTW, it’s just that in beginning everything is at it’s best including us. Revealing the “real you” at the wrong time in the wrong way can be the #1 dating and relationship destroyer. So when is it time to get comfortable and start showing her the real you? AND how do you make sure that she’s still attracted to you, once those sides get shows? Find out on today’s episode. We have comedian Nick on the show to discuss when to reveal the real you and HOW to reveal the real you so that she wants to stick around. We also discuss: 1. How there are multiple ways to say the same thing and what are the best ways to express things to women so that they won’t hate you. 2. What to do if you screw up and have a human moment and how to recover from it 3. How to bring up sticky topics with women and avoid conflict 4. Nickname No No Become a supporter of…