Paul Woo Interview With The School Of Wedding Photography
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Thank you for listening to this interview with Paul Woo by the School of Wedding Photography. Paul Woo is a photographer based in New York City, USA. He has won numerous awards including fearless awards, Best of the Best by Junebug, and Rangefinder’s Wedding Photography Contest 2018 Topics Covered How’s New York? How much of Paul Woo the person is in your brand? Like to get to know you a little. Can you tell us your story? The photo of the little boy in the red jacket crying, can you tell us about it? You have achieved a lot of success, how much failure is behind your success? What 3 things have most contributed to where your brand is now? How would you define being a successful a wedding photographer? What do you think are the biggest challenges in the industry at the moment? How do you stand out in a saturated industry? What questions do younger photographers usually ask you? What questions should they be asking you? Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your self when you were starting out…