Jacki Bruniquel Interview With The School Of Wedding Photography
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November 21, 2018
Thank you for listening to this interview with Jacki Bruniquel by the School of Wedding Photography. Jacki Bruniquel is a photographer based in South Africa. She won Photographer of the Year, Admired in Africa 2016, has won numerous Fearless awards, a finalist in the Nikon Africa Photographic Awards and was included in the book Women on Women, A History of Women Photographers in South Africa Questions asked: Fine art background as a painter, how does that inform your work as a photographer? You have a distinct style, How have you developed it and how can someone develop their own style? And how do you develop new ways of seeing and avoid getting stuck in a rut? How do you avoid following trends? How do you approach pricing? How did you become a wedding photographer? Do you have any sort of routine before a wedding to get yourself prepared before a wedding? What questions do younger photographers usually ask you? What questions should they be asking you? How do you define being a successful wedding…