Marlies Hartmann Interview With The School Of Wedding Photography
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September 10, 2018
Thank you for listening to this interview with Marlies Hartmann by the School of Wedding Photography.Marlies Hartmann is an award winning photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Marlies is a speaker at Mystic Seminars in 2019, at Canon Learning Centre later this year and a The Knot Ambassador in 2018. Topics Covered: Some of the questions we cover in this interview include: how have you achieved so much, so quickly? Has the industry recognition helped business? Why did you choose photography? There’s a lot of natural light wedding photographers out there but you tend to use off camera flash a lot, and I’m curious how you got into that? Do you think this point of difference has helped you stand out? You have a big social media following, how have you grown it so quickly? You were a healthy food blogger before coming to photography, did that that experience help you in your photography business? How would you define being a successful a wedding photographer? Where do you want to go with your business?…