Adonye Jaja Interview with the School of Wedding Photography
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Adonye Jaja is a Denver, Colorado based photographer who doesn’t describes himself as a wedding photographer. Studying psychology led to a variety of careers and finally working as second shooter for Otto Schultz who even helped Adonye setup his website one night. In 2016 Adonye was recognised by Rangefinder Magazine as one of the 30 Rising Stars in Wedding Photography. Topics Covered: Some of the topics we cover in this interview include: the “box” of wedding photography photography is all about copying the importance of art juggling business and art the grind longevity in your career how to have meaningful work flow when is an image made? curating your work why he doesn’t like styled shoots being yourself in your brand what success looks like as a wedding photographer his relationship with wedding planners be careful with your presets if you want to shoot big budget weddings, don’t start shooting low budget weddings understanding business is critical About Subscribe at: Website:…