Ian Weldon Interview With The School Of Wedding Photography
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Thank you for listening to this interview with Ian Weldon by the School of Wedding Photography. Ian is based in the UK and is famously known for being a photographer that photographs weddings, not a wedding photographer. His folio is completely unlike most “wedding photography” you would be familiar with. Ian photographed the wedding of Joana Pak, and Steven Yeun who played the character Glen in The Walking Dead and Ian hosts a great photography podcast called Outerfocus which you should definitely check out. Questions asked: What do you think of the wedding photography industry? Why are you a photographer? Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your self when you were starting out photographing weddings? “I was never given any guidance, or direction, in my life and I had to figure it all out myself. Which, in hindsight, was a wonderful gift.” Why? Why do you photograph weddings if you “don’t give two fucks about them”? How would you define being a successful photographer? How should people go…