S1:E13 - Andy Payne - Frictionless Trade & The Way of the Exploding Fist!
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December 20, 2018
Episode 13 - Andy Payne - Frictionless Trade and Videogames In this episode I talk to UK videogames mainstay and sage, Andy Payne about the mistakes made in his industry, and the effects that are going to be made on it by Brexit. Andy is by nature, open, honest, engaging and provoking. We cover a lot of ground going all the way back to the dawn of computer game time. Get to know Andy no matter what your industry or pastime, you’ll be enriched by the experience or your money back. This is the final episode of Series 1 of The Podcast About Mistakes. But join me in 2019 for Series 2 packed with even more brilliant guests. Take care of yourself, Tim [email protected] if you’d like to comment. Or find us on Twitter @zuzusbakery Or at home http://zuzusbakery.co.uk http://bit.ly/mistakelinks