My Url Is (Episode 2)
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In this episode Eddie interviews Rosemary Orchard, a new member of the community. We talk about how she found the IndieWeb, attending IndieWebCamps remotely, wiki editing challenges and Micropub’s potential with syndication and destination targets. Podcast: Mac Power Users #417: Workflows with Manton Reece IndieWeb compatible service: Videos: IndieWebCamp NYC 2018 Event: IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2018 IndieWebRing Video: Building a Micropub Endpoint Shortcut: Post using and Mastodon GitHub Repo: Micropub Endpoint for Jekyll and other flat-file CMSes If you enjoyed this podcast: Please leave a review in Apple Podcasts and recommend it using your favorite podcast player. You can help support the IndieWeb community by sponsoring the IndieWeb; You can help support the development of the show by sponsoring Eddie. Find this episode on the web at