All Things Smash Bros Ultimate with MrTalent
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In the swell of anticipation leading up to Smash Ultimate’s release we’re talking all things Smash Bros Ultimate with special guest co-host, MrTalent! Buckle up and settle in, you’re listening to Kanto Cast. MrTalent’s Links: MrTalent on Twitter MrTalent on Twitch MrTalent on YouTube All the Medias: KCB Collective on Discord KCB Bryan on Twitter KCY Jenna on Twitter KCB Bryan on Instagram KCB Bryan on Twitch KCB Bryan on YouTube Merch at TeePublic Kanto Cast on Anchor The FEH Cast on Anchor Intro/Outro Music Credit: Kevin Corso Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux