121: Vimeo Introduces Simulcasting Features For Live Video
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Live stream news and live video platform updates for week commencing 18 February 2018 Peter hosted the show on his own today as Krishna was traveling on her way to delivering a social media marketing and live streaming workshop for a client. We share the latest live stream news you can use if you are a marketing, PR or business executive who wants to integrate live streaming into your communication plans for brand awareness, social selling, attracting leads to your organisation, employee engagement or crisis management. IN THIS EPISODE WE COVER: - Twitter features local live news during major breaking news - Vimeo introduces simulcasting features for its live video product - The challenges when the media live stream to Facebook Live events such as mountain rescues - Tips from how Southwest Airlines uses livestreaming. If you find the show of interest please consider sharing it to your networks. If you like the show remember to subscribe to live notifications from our Live Stream Insiders Facebook Page…