140: How To Use The Facebook Ads Transparency Tool For Pages
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Live stream news and live video platform updates for week commencing 8 July 2018 We share the latest live stream news you can use if you are a marketing, PR or business executive who wants to integrate live streaming into your communication plans for brand awareness, social selling, attracting leads to your organisation, employee engagement or crisis management. This interactive show was initially live streamed on Facebook, produced and hosted by Krishna De. IN THIS EPISODE WE COVER: - Krishna shares the news of a new patent from Facebook and asks is Facebook going to offer an integrated teleprompter for Facebook Live? - She shares the announcement from L’Oréal that they will be introducing AR-enabled live-streamed digital beauty assistants in 65 countries around the globe and asks is this the future of personalised beauty and social selling? - Krishna asks are you repurposing your video live streams as audio podcasts? You can now subscribe to Live Stream Insiders as an audio podcast including finding us on…