EP139: Instagram Launches Live Video Chat In Instagram Direct
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Live stream news and live video platform updates for week commencing 1 July 2018 We share the latest live stream news you can use if you are a marketing, PR or business executive who wants to integrate live streaming into your communication plans for brand awareness, social selling, attracting leads to your organisation, employee engagement or crisis management. IN THIS EPISODE WE COVER: - The news that Twitter has closed the live video unit merging it under content partnerships; - Krishna talks through how to use the new group live video chat on Instagram Direct; - Peter covers the new Vimeo Producer and Vimeo Premium plans that provide access to graphics and simulcasting within the Mevo app; - He also mentions a new iOS app that allows you to stream to multiple social platforms from your iPhone; - Krishna shares how you can discover gaming streamers using HiddenStream.Live; - And she shares a tip in terms of live streaming during emergencies and crises in remote locations that is especially relevant for…