129: Periscope Expands The Super Broadcaster Live Stream Payments
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Live stream news and live video platform updates for week commencing 22 April 2018 We share the latest live stream news you can use if you are a marketing, PR or business executive who wants to integrate live streaming into your communication plans for brand awareness, marketing, social selling, lead generation, customer support, employee engagement or crisis management. IN THIS EPISODE WE COVER: Turn up your audio to learn about the topics covered on the show: - An example from Reuters of using live video to boost engagement and find new audiences - Facebook tests Premieres - live streaming of pre-recorded content - Periscope expands ‘Super Broadcaster’ live-stream payments - We explore an example of Facebook Live supporter payments - Brands and retailers build live streaming studios - Learn how to subscribe to Live Stream News on Alexa - Book your ticket for MoJoFest in Galway - Krishna will be moderating the session on the future of live streaming If you find the show of interest please consider sharing…