27: Goblin Games – YEET or Yikes? with Ally Warfield and Nick Prince
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Hello, Podwalkers, and welcome to the Goblin Lore Podcast! In our twenty-seventh episode, Hobbes and Joe invite on two people with their fingers on the pulses of both the Vorthos and competitive Magic: the Gathering scenes – Nick Prince and Ally Warfield – to weigh in on some of the major events of 2018 in a new game called “YEET or Yikes”! We talk about humans, moths, lamps, The Last Jelly Moose, Taco Bell (of course), and much more! ____________________________________________ We have launched our new Patreon! You can join currently at the $1 tier, which gets you access to our private Discord server where you can talk all things lore, life, and love with other gob-heads like yourself. ____________________________________________ Remember: we’ve reached 300 followers on Twitter! Keep the word of mouth going; with every 100 new followers, we will do a random prize draw for one lucky follower! ____________________________________________ Goblin Lore is on Twitter: Joe Redemann at @Fyndhorn, Hobbes Q. at…