19: Slobad That It’s Good
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Hello, Podwalkers, and welcome to the Goblin Lore Podcast! In our nineteenth episode, the guys talk about that warm, squishy feeling known as friendship or camaraderie in relation to Slobad, goblin tinkerer of the Mirrodin cycle of stories. They talk about “Known Associates” and how simply being an acquaintance to a group can relieve some of the social pressure of friendship, as well as how we acquire and select our friends, and can be compassionate for and appreciative of others’ differences. If you want to find friends in your area who play and think about Magic: the Gathering, hit up Mike “The Connector” Linnemann on Twitter. We used these articles from the MTG Salvation blog as part of our prep, as well as the actual story cycle. Thanks to the inimitable Jay Annelli for his extensive research to help fuel this discussion. This is our second in our series of legendary Goblin Profiles. The first was in Episode 6, on Krenko, mob boss of Ravnica. ____________________________________________ Remember: we’ve…