6: Krenko, Problematic Mob-Goblin
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Hello, Podwalkers, and welcome to the Goblin Lore Podcast! In our sixth episode, Joe Redemann introduces the lore we have about Krenko, the Ravnican goblin mob boss who is a fixture of Commander/EDH decks and may be a face we see in the Guilds of Ravnica block (Fall 2018). After that, the guys discuss real-world analogies to Krenko and put his philosophy into the context of a sociopolitical ideology (essentially, anarchy vs. libertarianism). ALSO! The guys will be at GP Minneapolis, doing giveaways and recording community people for future episodes. Come say hi! Finally, the winners of the first 100 followers’ giveaway have been announced! At 200 followers on Twitter, we’ll do our second giveaway, so keep the word of mouth going! You can find the hosts on Twitter: Joe Redemann at @Fyndhorn, Hobbes Q. at @HobbesQ, and Alex Newman at @AlexanderNewm. Send questions, comments, thoughts, hopes, and dreams to @GoblinLorePod on Twitter or [email protected] Opening and closing music by Wintergatan…