13: “Gate Expectations” for Guilds of Ravnica
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September 7, 2018
Hello, Podwalkers, and welcome to the Goblin Lore Podcast! In our thirteenth episode, Alex and Joe discuss the highs and lows of expectation and hopes in the context of Magic: the Gathering’s upcoming Return to Return to Guilds of Ravnica set. When you’ve visited a plane before, you have a certain idea of what things should be like when you come back. But things don’t always go how we hope they will, so how do we manage our expectations for ourselves and others around us? Remember: at 300 followers on Twitter, we’ll do our next giveaway, so keep the word of mouth going! _________________________________________________ You can find the hosts on Twitter: Joe Redemann at @Fyndhorn, Hobbes Q. at @HobbesQ, and Alex Newman at @AlexanderNewm. Send questions, comments, thoughts, hopes, and dreams to @GoblinLorePod on Twitter or [email protected] Goblin Lore is proud to be a member of the Geek Therapy Network (on Twitter at @GeekTherapy). Opening and closing music by Wintergatan (@wintergatan). Logo art…