Ep69: William Shewfelt (Vegan to Keto Carnivore Diet Benefits Story)
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September 28, 2018
Actor, speaker, and health and fitness advocate William Shewfelt, is today’s guest interview. William shares with us why he went from following a vegan diet to a a more ketogenic carnivorous diet. He helps to explain how a carnivorous diet resolved some of his niggling issues and gave him incredible results in terms of health and body composition. We then find out more about what his exact diet is, training schedule and supplementation. We also go into discussing tips for resolving acne problems, coffee, fasting, organ meats, and bone marrow, as well as the benefits of setting your own goals and finding what works for you. Go to the show notes at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep69-william-shewfelt/ for more links & highlights.