Ep76: Ketotarian Diet Review (+Tips for Keto Vegetarian) • Dr Will Cole
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Leading Functional Medicine expert and practitioner, author of Ketoterian, Dr Will Cole, is today’s guest interview. He explains how we can get the benefits of a ketogenic way of eating, on a (mostly or entirely) plant-based diet. We then find out about what being a ketotarian means and how it can be tailored to vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian eating plans. We also go into discussing vegan-keto sources of protein and fat, eating to satiety, inflammation and intestinal permeability, cholesterol, sourcing produce, tracking results, intermittent fasting and the importance of listening to your body and finding what works for you. Go to the show notes at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep76-dr-will-cole/ for more links & highlights.