Ep72: Kasey Stern (Vegetable Police) Vegan to Carnivore Diet Results
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Host of popular YouTube Channel the Vegetable Police and former vegan, Kasey Stern, is today’s guest interview. Kasey shares with us how he healed his Ulcerative Colitis on a raw vegan fruit-based diet and why he then transitioned to carnivore. He explains how the carnivore diet finally resolved the ongoing problems he was experiencing with his energy levels, acne and digestion. We then find out what it was like to transition from vegan to carnivore and the challenges he faced. We also go into discussing experimenting with adding more variety of foods, the online response, animal welfare and keeping an open mind when it comes to your health. Go to the show notes at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep72-kasey-stern/ for more links & highlights.